Friday, January 27, 2006

Radio Orphans Podcast 31

Episode 31 contains the following music:

Jim Ronayne with "Storm Over Glencoe"
"Temple of Contradictions" from Anne Davis
Tom Waits with "How's it Gonna End?"
Radio Orphans with "Wendy"

Enjoy the show, and we thank you for listening.


Anonymous Lucky Fokker said...

Hi Boys, Fokker here

Best pod so far!!
I was digging all of it and hearing Waits blew my mind - nice grab there Radio Orphans. The DJ'ing between the tunes was outstanding, best so far and "Wendy" was the perfect finish.

Happy 31st


10:24 AM  
Anonymous Jaw Knee said...

Lucky, glad you dug the cast and thank you for the kind words. We appreciate your support! And right you are, "Wendy" was a fine tune to end with.

9:43 PM  

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