Friday, December 30, 2005

Radio Orphans Podcast 27

For our 27th episode, we're presenting a special "year end" podcast featuring the following music:

Refrag's "Better Left Unsaid"
Collide with "Wings of Steel"
clarity & the brothers p with "Lack of Oxygen in The Mausoleum (remix)", a reworking of a song by The Digital Nasty
Dick the Flasher with the song "Arabic Alphabets"
nervegasm and "Standing On The Beach With A Gun"
Misanthropy's "Shattered"
Radio Orphans with the brand new song "Widowmaker"
We conclude this episode with Lucky Fokker's song "Borrowed Time".

Jaw and Finneaus would like to wish you all the best this new year, and we thank you for listening!


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