Saturday, September 03, 2011

Radio Orphans Podcast 323

Welcome to Episode 323 of the Radio Orphans Podcast. This episode contains the following independent music for your listening pleasure:

"Seizure Eye" from Halo Sparkle.
Independent rock from Minneapolis.

"Don't Waste My Time" from Planet Killers.
Alternative rock out of Massachusetts.

"Don't Lose It" from The Glammers.
Indie rock from the United Kingdom.

"People of Clay" by Cast Iron Crow.
Alternative rock from San Francisco.

"All Brutal Common Sense" by Night Noise Team.
Alternative pop from the United Kingdom.

"Walkin' and Talkin'" by Tinez Roots Club.
Rhythm n' blues from the Netherlands.

"Sentimental" by Radio Orphans.
Experimental rock from your hosts in Minneapolis, MN USA.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Planet Killers Rock! Great choice and Awesome song!

5:38 AM  
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