Friday, February 11, 2011

Radio Orphans Podcast 294

Welcome to Episode 294 of the Radio Orphans Podcast.
This episode contains the following independent music
for your listening pleasure.

"All Falls Down" by Sling.
Alternative indie rock from New Jersey.

"Feeling Something" from The Mason Affair.
Funk rock from California.

"Sly Dreamer" from One Red Martian.
Indie rock from Texas.

"Just Like Heaven" from Safety Orange.
Reggae from California.

"Waiting For You-Recycled" from SpiceHouse.
Experimental rock from New York.

"In The Wind" from Justin Kleiner.
Downtempo Alt-rock from California .

"No Strangers To Exploration" from Radio Orphans.
Experimental rock from your hosts the Radio Orphans out of Minneapolis, MN USA.

We thank you for listening!

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Anonymous Justin Kleiner said...

Hey Guys,

Thanks for including "In The Wind." It's funny you mentioned the genre thing, because I really don't know what to call it either. Haha. Also, I really enjoyed your song "No Strangers To Exploration." It has great atmosphere and texture! Keep the great podcasts coming!

6:08 PM  
Blogger Radio Orphans said...

Hi Justin! We just try an get close with the genre thingy, gives us something to talk about :) glad you enjoyed the show, an thanks for the kind words.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Justin Kleiner said...

For sure! It makes for interesting conversation. Looking forward to hearing future shows.

8:41 PM  

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