Friday, January 28, 2011

Radio Orphans Podcast 292

Welcome to Episode 292 of the Radio Orphans Podcast.
This episode contains the following independent music
for your listening pleasure.

"The Lovin" by The Unsatisfied.
Rock and roll from Tennessee.

"Larry Norman" from 40 Ways From Sunday.
Alternative rock from Oregon.

"Stuck With Me" from Is World.
Power pop rock from Illinois.

"All Illusions Now" from Van Muller.
Independent rock from New York.

"Sleep Tonight" from Umbra.
Dark Wave from New Jersey.

"Strange Desire" from Sandro G. Masoni.
Alternative rock out of Italy.

"Return To The End" from Radio Orphans.
Experimental rock from your hosts the Radio Orphans out of Minneapolis, MN USA.

We thank you for listening!

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