Friday, October 22, 2010

Radio Orphans Podcast 278

Welcome to Episode 278 of the Radio Orphans Podcast. This episode contains the following independent music for your listening pleasure:

"Exit The System" from The Moniters.
Modern indie rock from Australia.

"You Have To See It To Believe It" from Nothingilistic.
Experimental rock from British Columbia, Canada.

"Something Out Of Nothing" by Emmins.
Progressive rock out of the UK.

"Waiting For Our Time Part 1" by Bob Dean.
Alternative rock from the UK.

"Black Boxes" by Sarah Donner.
Indie folk-pop out of New Jersey.

"You Used To Be A Tree" from The Loomis Fargo Gang.
Indie rock out of Virginia.

"Widowmaker" from Radio Orphans.
Experimental rock from your hosts the Radio Orphans out of Minneapolis, MN USA.

We thank you for listening!

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Anonymous Danika Holmes said...

Like your site. It looks like you feature a variety of artists. I would love to be one of those artists you feature. Take a peak at my sight when you have a free minute. I hope you like what you hear.

11:55 AM  

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