Friday, September 19, 2008

Radio Orphans Podcast 169

Greetings, episode 169 of the Radio Orphans Podcast contains the following independent music for your listening pleasure:

"Chain of Daisies" by The Curtains and their Terrifying Story.
From the Netherlands, with windmill powered psychedelic indie pop. Off their album "Shake My Fire"

"Trip Wires" from Grand Atlantic
Out of Australia, with guitar driven, catchy rock.

"Every Little Thing" by Modern Science.
Direct from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, straight from the desert sands with modern alternative pop rock.

"More" by Kool Ace.
From Atlanta, Georgia, USA, wicked hip hop play on Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell"

"Over Coffee and Tea" from The Simple Carnival.
From Pennsylvania, USA, uplifting retro-lounge. From their album "Girls, Aliens, Food"

"Pleasure and the Pain" by Xylophone Yacht Zombies.
From the United Kingdom, with a classic sounding psychedelic rock song.

"We Hardly Knew Ya" by Radio Orphans.
Your humble hosts from Minneapolis, MN with a tune off our disc "Unclaimed Freight"

We thank you for listening!

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Anonymous Jeff Boller said...

Hi guys --

Thanks for playing The Simple Carnival -- I appreciate it!

And yes, "retro-lounge" would be an accurate description of that song. :-)

Jeff Boller
The Simple Carnival -- it doesn't rock, it pops!

Songs and Sonics -- writing and recording creatively

Remix a Simple Carnival song, win an instrument used on the recording!

6:08 PM  
Blogger Kaitlin said...

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10:14 PM  

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