Friday, August 01, 2008

Radio Orphans Podcast 162

Hello, episode 162 of the Radio Orphans Podcast contains the following independent music for your listening pleasure:

"Disco Boy" by Revolution 74.
Out of wonderful Chichester, UK. Great blend of genres with a nod to punk.

"Cops and Robbers" by Industry Giant.
From beautiful Romania, experimental electronic with sweet samples.

"Defiant" from Ben Base
From sunny California, USA, presenting trippy electronic down tempo trip-hop with cool voicing.

"Bright Mouths" by Electric President.
On the bank of the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, FL USA. Atmospheric electronica with organic instruments and cool vocals.

"Satellite Trip" by Radio Orphans.
Your humble hosts from Minneapolis, USA with our own blend of experimental post rock.

"Where Is My Mind" from ArmsUp.
Saskatchewan, Canada. Interesting Pixies cover. Nice piano towards end.

"Eyesore" from Amelia.
From California, USA, indie rock with great melody, terrific vocals with groovy strings in the background.

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Anonymous Industry Giant said...

Awesome podcast! Thank you very much for playing my song ;)

Your show has a new fan as of now :)


1:25 AM  
Blogger Radio Orphans said...

Florin, you're welcome!

11:44 AM  

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