Friday, May 11, 2012

Radio Orphans Podcast 359

Radio Orphans Podcast 359

Welcome to Episode 359 of the Radio Orphans Podcast. This episode contains the following independent music for your listening pleasure:

"Handful" by Halo Sparkle.
Alternative rock from Minnesota

"Glad You Came" from SilvaTone.
Alternative rock from the UK.

"Say It" by Paris.
Indie rock from Sweden.

"New Machinery" from Leaving Richmond.
Instrumental rock from California.

"See Us Now" by Riversyde.
Rock and roll from Texas.

"Cloak" from The Dark Shave.
Indie rock from North Carolina.

"Mouthing Off Again" by Radio Orphans.
Acoustic rock from your hosts the Radio Orphans out of Minneapolis, MN USA.

We thank you for listening!


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