Friday, February 05, 2010

Radio Orphans Podcast 241

Hello, episode 241 of the Radio Orphans Podcast
contains the following independent music
for your listening pleasure:

"Haze" by Blake McKibben.
Alternative indie rock out of Portland, Oregon.

"Automatic Life" by Mayday Radio.
Modern Alternative rock from New York City.

"Wrecking Ball" from Tiny Little Blackouts.
Indie rock direct from California.

"Still Stuck" from Team Smile and Nod.
Electro-experimental rock from Ohio.

"Fierce Roars The Midnight Storm" by Darklily.
Goth rock out of London, United Kingdom.

"Dramatis Personae" from Lucid Fly.
Alternative rock from Los Angeles, California.

"Boyd Vs Bob" from Radio Orphans.
Post rock from your hosts in
Minneapolis, MN, USA.

We thank you for listening!

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Anonymous Blake M said...

Boyd vs Bob is genius, I loved it.

1:14 AM  

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