Friday, October 23, 2009

Radio Orphans Podcast 226

Welcome, episode 226 of the Radio Orphans Podcast contains the following independent music for your listening pleasure:

"Dosen't Even Matter" from Girl In Rome.
Modern alternative rock out of Texas.

"Lova mig allt" by Trabant.
Alternative pop from Stockholm, Sweden.

"The Love That Never Was" from The Minor Leagues.
Indie rock out of Cincinnati, OH.

"Breaking Me Down" by Uhle.
Experimental alternative rock from California.

"Electric Sheep" from Nexus Six.
Modern rock out of the U.K.

"Return To You" by As It Subsides.
Experimental downtempo music from Maryland.

"Satellite Trip" from Radio Orphans.
Experimental post rock from your hosts out of Minneapolis, MN USA.

We thank you for listening!

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Blogger Peter said...


Thanks for playing Trabant on your show. It's a honour :)

11:10 AM  
Blogger Radio Orphans said...

You're welcome!

7:44 PM  

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