Friday, October 14, 2005

Radio Orphans Podcast 16

For episode 16 of the Radio Orphans Podcast we present four songs from the following artists:

"Fireworks" by Cameron Ember
"Big Bang" from The Digital Nasty
"The Air" from the artist Hossier Daddy
"Corey Vs. Bob Part II" from Radio Orphans

This episode also contains information on how to receive a free DVD of Radio Orphans videos.

We thank you for listening.


Anonymous THE DIGITAL NASTY said...

Hey Orphans - thanks for playing my song! The podcast is introducing me to a lot of other DIY musicians that I dig, like refrag and Hoosier Daddy, so big ups for keeping it real in Minneapolis. Oh, and thanks for the free DVD! Great main menu GUI and vids. The Betty Boop animation went along creepily well to Saucer Club mix.

6:33 PM  

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